About Us

Early Beginnings Academy (EBA) is a Miami-Dade County Public Schools Charter School designed to provide a specialized academic experience and educationally-relevant therapeutic services to children ages Pre-K to 5th grade. EBA serves children with unique educational needs, located in the heart of the Civic Center health district of Miami. We educate students from a range of communities throughout Miami and specialize in creating a unique experience for our students and their families.

Our Mission

To offer every student a holistic education focused on multi-sensory learning, meaningful relationships, guided growth, and artistic expression in a safe and compassionate environment. Our mission is driven by family partnerships and culturally responsive practices designed to inspire creativity, curiosity, and celebrate individual differences.

Our Vision

Is to provide a culturally responsive and compassionate school community designed to inspire creativity, curiosity, advance self-advocacy, and prepare children to be contributing and successful members of our community.

Early Beginnings Academy

Our Team

The EBA community is grounded in the whole child approach to development.  The instructors are at the heart of the school’s tradition of experiential excellence.  Each instructor brings their own unique world perspective to educating our children; they love the challenge of engaging, nurturing, and experiencing life with the students they teach.  

Early Beginnings Academy


Early Beginnings Academy selectively employs knowledgeable, compassionate, and inspired staff members that support each of our students in their unique learning styles. Our instructors and administrators are entrusted to nurture individuality, social/emotional development, and life skills while challenging students to meet their fullest potential. We are always interested in learning about how you can be a part of our learning community. If you are interested in learning more about how you can serve this community please select the link below to learn more about the positions available with Early Beginnings Academy

In addition to competitive salaries, benefits include: