Charter Schools in Florida are fully recognized as public schools. All students enrolled in Early Beginnings Academy are students of Miami-Dade County Public Schools, subject to applicable policies and entitled to the same rights. Your child therefore attends our school as a Miami Dade County Public School student. Early Beginnings Academy is a “School of Choice.” This means students are not required to attend Early Beginnings Academy and families have the option to attend a regular public school program. However, it also means if you choose to have your child attend Early Beginnings Academy, you are also choosing to accept the policies and expectations we have for you and your child. Families and the staff of Early Beginnings Academy will work together as a team – with the goal of achieving the best outcomes for your child.

Chairperson/President*Debbie Terenzio, Ed.D.
Vice Chairperson/Secretary* Parent MemberRaisa Bauza
MemberValerie Jennings
MemberDale Jennings
MemberDaphne Jean Pierre